Extending Ask.com’s reach

Mission: To enable their brands to promote products and extend marketing opportunities.

Ask.com Mobile Portal

Ask.com, one of the leading search websites, approached us to help them develop an online portal to highlight the array of mobile offerings available to users via the IAC portfolio brands like Ask, Match, Citysearch, Evite and more. We created an online publishing platform where each brand could promote their mobile products, enable easier user discovery and create additional cross-promotional and advertising opportunities across the IAC mobile offerings.

Mission accomplished. In two months flat, we architected, developed and launched the platform while coordinating efforts amongst Ask.com’s various internal teams as well as third-party designers, vendors and partners. Our relationship with Ask.com is ongoing; we continue to maintain and support their platform today as well as assist them with new development initiatives.


  • Flash
  • Ajax
  • MySQL
  • Java
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