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Developing applications for mobile devices, desktops and the web since 2004.

Welcome to mechanikal, a boutique software development agency that specializes in the development of industry-leading rich internet applications (RIA) for mobile devices, desktops and the web. We’re a collaborative team of creative thinkers—engineers, digital mechanics and interactive chemists. Our projects come to life with the utilization of technologies like Adobe Flex, Adobe Air, Ruby on Rails and more.

Mechanikal believes that in order for an application to succeed, it must be rich in experience, unique to the brand and entertaining to interact with. Our branded applications and online software platforms have helped numerous brands extend themselves into new environments and consumer hands. Our work has also helped many companies scale to meet their individual market demands.

Lucky for us, we have no "typical client". We get to work with all types from Fortune 500 companies, to marketing and advertising agencies to funded start-ups. They come to us for technical expertise, software development and consulting and we aim to consistently exceed their expectations.  View our work.

NEW WORK: ProCompare, AFS Intercultural Programs, Editor’s Closet – view more here
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